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How The Beatles Changed the World

The arrival of The Beatles onto the British music scene in 1963 and the following two action-packed years is cleverly distilled in this dynamic and enthralling newsreel-rich documentary of the unforgettable Fab Four era and the ensuing years of artistic genius.

(2017/91 mins) d. Tom O’Dell

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In 1963 a band burst onto the world stage and single-handedly transformed popular culture.

Conquering first Britain and then America the following year, The Beatles and their music were a breath of fresh air — dynamic, positive and modern. Yet, from the very beginning, the four loveable Mop-Tops were also revolutionaries who would pull the world out of its black and white past and into a technicolor future.


HOW THE BEATLES CHANGED THE WORLD traces the bands path through the most remarkable decade of the twentieth century, the 1960s.


It not only looks at the impact of their artistic evolution across this period but also at the wider revolution they instigated, from fashion, film and art to the British class system, the anti-war movement, the counterculture, Eastern spirituality, psychedelia and the riots of 1968.


Through exclusive interviews and rarely seen footage, this film reveals the previously untold story of how four young men from Liverpool transformed the world forever.


Featuring new interviews with former head of Apple Records, Tony Bramwell; Beatles associate and Underground scenester, Barry Miles; art curator and close friend of John and Yoko, John Dunbar; Merseybeat! publisher, Billy Harry; as well as authors and historians Jonathan Gould, Chris Ingham, Robert Christgau, Anthony DeCurtis and Mark Paytress.

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