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Deconstructing The Beatles: The White Album

Music historian Scott Freiman, playing the role of host, professor, and Fab Four enthusiast, provides an entertaining and in-depth look at what it took to compose, record and produce The Beatles’ innovative and compelling 1968 masterpiece.

(2016/87 mins) d. David Zellerford

Beatles Film Festival (3 × 2.5 in) (4 × 6 in) (6 × 6 in).png

Just when we thought everything had been said about The White Album comes this enjoyable multimedia masterclass from renown Beatleologist Scott Freiman.


Produced by Culture Sonar as one of its Deconstructing The Beatles series, this presentation offers and in-depth exploration of the seminal double album by the post-touring Fab Four.


Recorded and released in 1968, the re-vitalized members of the band made a deep dive into new sounds and recording techniques which have influenced all popular music ever since.


Rich with brilliant songs While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Revolution, Blackbird, Ob-La-Dee Ob-La-Da, Martha My Dear, Back in the USSR, and many more, Scott provides lucid commentary and vivid imagery that explains the creative bolt of lightning that became the band’s bestselling LP.


The film traces the evolution of these familiar tracks, starting with rough demos and developing through successive takes and remixes.


Throughout it offers Scott’s learned observations and insights and ends with a robust Q&A from the studio audience. The result is a deeper appreciation for the album that has enchanted and inspired three generations of Beatles fans ever since.

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