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Our newest presentation is a fabulous Valentine to The Fab Four and fans alike.


It combines the musical artistry of The Beatles with the hilarity of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

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A Cinematic Celebration of Wonderful Weird and Hilarious Beatles Cover Songs

is an entertaining new feature length video-based show keeping with The Festival’s mission to present the best in filmed Beatles entertainment. Hosted by Festival Executive Director Joe West, the show is a presentation of over 175 excerpts of 80-plus Beatles songs gleaned from the Internet. Each cover rendition is clever and appealing in its own unique way, just as are the songs themselves. Among the categories presented are Brilliant Covers, Parody Covers, Mash-up Covers, Unlikely Covers, Cute Kid Covers, Novelty Covers, Foreign Language Covers, Spoken Word Covers, Hip-Hop & Rap Covers, Electronica & Remix Covers, Blues & Folk Covers, Punk & Heavy Metal Covers and many others. The cumulative impact of this gallery of performances is a greater appreciation of the variety of ways Beatles music has inspired generations of fans and propelled them to their own artistic excellence.



looking for lennon.png

In this lovely documentary we are presented a deep and honest dive onto the early years and formation of John Lennon, and the events and tragedies that shaped his character …


Uber-Beatles fan and writer/director Seth Swirsky travels the world collecting and documenting a potpourri of peoples’ personal Beatles memories and stories. (2011/85 mins) d. Seth Swirsky Singer/songwriter Seth Swirsky grew …

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Strange Fruit The Beatles Apple Records Story.png

The fascinating untold story of the swift rise and ignominious fall and spectacular rebirth of the fabled record company founded by the band to invest in a diverse range of …


An admiring and in-depth account of the enduring influence of the band’s bestselling LP, including how it was composed, recorded and produced against the backdrop of the celebration and tumult …

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How The Beatles Changed the World.png

The arrival of The Beatles onto the British music scene in 1963 and the following two action-packed years is cleverly distilled in this dynamic and enthralling newsreel-rich documentary of the …


An intimate portrait of the young Liverpudlian office secretary who accidentally became the manager of the Fab Four’s worldwide fan club. (2013/86 mins) d. Ryan White Freda Kelly was just …

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A Beatle in Benton.png

In early Autumn 1963, pre-Fab Four Beatle George Harrison, age 18, visited his eldest sister in the small town of Benton, IL. Little did the townsfolk know they were being …


Music historian Scott Freiman, playing the role of host, professor, and Fab Four enthusiast, provides an entertaining and in-depth look at what it took to compose, record and produce The …

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The Beatles Film Festival (The Festival) is a touring film festival featuring a revolving list of high-quality documentaries that highlight the musical, cultural, social and political influence of the Fab Four in the context of the turbulent 1960’s.


In addition to the presentation of the films, The Festival will also include an exhibition of Beatles memorabilia, guest personalities and a showcase of merchandise for sale.


It is designed for both 1-day/2-screen and 2-day/3-screen formats. All films are in digital download (DD) or Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format and the festival has exclusive rights to publicly exhibit them.


Most importantly, the Festival is programmed by a group of Beatles devotees who are dedicated to curating the best films we can find.


If you would like to host us in your city, please contact a local cinema who is as enthusiastic as you are and ask them if they are interested. If so, please let us know the details and we’ll be there!

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The Beatles Film Festival welcomes your feedback, comments, suggestions and yes, your criticism or praise. Please share your thoughts and purpose and we will respond to your quickly.

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Attention All Collectors of Beatles Memorabilia:

If you would enjoy exhibiting your collection at a film festival venue, we would be pleased to host you.  We encourage you to complete the Contact Us form and introduce yourselves. We will reward you with a limited edition Beatles Cartoon poster and hearty thank you!

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